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9 Most Common HVAC System Problems and Solutions

January 03, 2020

Considering that’s not something the everyday homeowner is well-versed in, you may feel helpless when something goes haywire. In fact, there are things that go wrong with the HVAC system that happen more often than you’d think. Whether it’s a small issue or a big problem, there are solutions! Some are more extensive than others. Not to worry: these issues can be solved by a trusted HVAC system company. Here are several common HVAC problems and solutions to what you can do to act on them.

1. Not Enough MaintenanceThis is as much of a cause of your HVAC problems as it is an actual issue. Your system should have maintenance provided to it on a regular basis. This not only helps you avoid big problems but several tiny problems as well. Little things such as dilemmas with your compressor valve acting up can be caught right away and help you avoid further problems. Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your home, so be sure to take care of it. Neglecting it will cost you big time as the problems, that could’ve been caught early on with a checkup, worsen over time. Register for a preventive maintenance program to avoid your HVAC system becoming the victim of neglect.

2. Frozen ComponentsWe’re in the winter months, which means the water inside all of your coils and lines are susceptible to freeze in the harsh temperatures.Do not put off scheduling someone to come take a look. Water expands when it freezes, and when it does, it will cause the line or coil it’s in to burst.  As soon as you believe any part of your system to be frozen, contact an HVAC service immediately.

3. Filthy FiltersTry saying “filthy filters” five times fast… it’s much more difficult than replacing your filter, which is super easy, yet many people still fail to do it.Once your air filter gets dirty enough it will block all of the airflow in your system and can even cause the entire system to shut down if it overheats.  Did you know? Pet fur and dander can also damage your HVAC system. Even if the system never shuts down, comfort inside the house will suffer and so will your utility bill.

4. Uneven Room TemperaturesNot all rooms are created equal. Some require a lot more heat during the winter months to reach the same temperature as all the other rooms.Even so, if you’ve been noticing that several rooms in your house are far colder than others, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.  Contact your friendly-neighborhood HVAC service right away so they can find the source of the problem and fix it for you.

5. Troubles with Your IgnitionTurns out your car isn’t the only machine in your life that can struggle with ignition problems. But much like a car, there are several factors that can lead to ignition problems with your HVAC system. Flame sensors, burners, and pilots can all be the culprit. You may also be running low on gas, short cycling, or it may just be time for a few new pieces to the ignition system.

6. Broken ThermostatYour thermostat is kind of like the boss at a major corporation. It tells your entire HVAC system how warm or cool the head honcho (you) wants it in the house. However, the thermostat can be having difficulties of its own which may be the root of your problem. It could be pieces in the thermostat that are faulty, it may need to be thoroughly cleaned, or just might need to be entirely replaced. If you find the thermostat to be the root of your problem, try troubleshooting the problem by yourself first.

7. The Mechanics are Past Their PrimeIf you’re trying to identify the dilemma before reaching out to an HVAC professional, you may struggle to find the main reason for the issues your having. There may not be one specific piece that’s blown, or misplaced, or too dirty to operate. Your problem may simply be that several key mechanics in your system have been in use for a long time. Everything has a life on it in your HVAC system, and if a few are near the end of theirs, it can slow down your entire system.

8. Weird Noises from Your FurnaceNothing sets you on edge faster than a machine making loud, weird noises – especially if that noise is uncommon from the usual noises it makes.  That is a key sign that something is wrong with the mechanics. This can be anything from a need to replace the motor or a sign that pieces in the noisy motor need fixing/replacing. Whatever the case, you’ll want to get a professional in there right away to get it fixed!

9. LeaksWhile all HVAC systems produce condensation while they are in use, there’s a distinct difference between condensation and leaks. The leaks will show you that something is clogged or if there’s a broken piece to a pipe or drain. Leaks are always a bad sign and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Contact your HVAC expert right away to get it fixed as soon as possible. Reach Out to an HVAC Expert for All Your HVAC IssuesTo learn more about your system or to schedule maintenance, please contact us!