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Why isn’t my AC System Cooling?

June 17, 2021
It’s June, and the outside temperature is already nearing triple digits. Experience tells you that doesn’t bode well for July and August. Worse yet, the temperature inside your home is not as cool as you think it should be.

Should you call a repair service? Maybe, and if you do, Air Care Systems would love to help. But first, let us help you troubleshoot the problem.

There are a number of reasons your air conditioning unit may not be blowing cool air indoors. Here are the problems you might solve on your own:

Dirty air filter: If you can’t remember the last time you installed a new air filter, you may have just found your problem. The air filter, which is located near the air handler unit inside your house, catches dirt, dust and other airborne particles before they enter the air handler unit. This prevents those particles from getting inside the system where they might interfere with the unit’s operating efficiency. It also keeps the air in your home cleaner. But a dirty filter can block air from reaching the system, which can eventually lead to a complete shutdown of your cooling system. Change the filter, and you might not need to call Air Care Systems.

Is the thermostat set correctly? An incorrect setting on the thermostat could be the culprit if you notice your home isn’t cool enough. Check first to see if the thermostat is set on cool. If it is on cool, check the temperature setting; maybe someone else in the house adjusted the setting without your knowledge. Also, check that the thermostat is not set on constant fan. Make any necessary adjustments, and wait a few minutes after the unit kicks on. Then check to see if cool air is coming out of the registers. If the problem still isn’t solved, move on to this next step.

Blocked condenser unit: Your air conditioner’s condenser coil is located outside, where it wraps around most of the exterior unit. Its function is to pull heat energy out of your home and expel it outside. Metal fins are spaced tightly together on the exterior of the coil, and if dirt, grass and other debris accumulate between them, the coil can become clogged. A clogged coil can prevent the unit from cooling properly, or it can cause a complete system shutdown. Cleaning the debris from between the fins may help the system run better. To clean the fins, use a vacuum with a brush attachment or rinse gently with a hose.

If none of the above helps cool your home, it’s time to call for help. At Air Care Systems, we service all major brands of air conditioning units. We offer 24-hour emergency service and provide same-day service on most non-emergency calls.

We are a family-owned business with a commitment to providing quality service at reasonable prices. We serve residential and commercial customers in all of Madison County and southern Tennessee.

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