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Finding An Honest & Trustworthy HVAC Company In Huntsville, AL

June 22, 2021
At Air Care Systems, the difference is our middle name.

That may seem like a gimmick, but we’re sincere about delivering the best heating and cooling service to our customers in Madison County and southern Tennessee.We show we care by responding quickly to calls, sending well-trained service technicians to the job, and offering solutions that are based on knowledge and honesty instead of simply making the most money off the call.Cody Wilburn, the owner of Air Care Systems, talks here about the philosophy that drives his 14-year-old family business.“With some companies, their main goal is to make the sale. They will try to get a unit replaced when it doesn’t have to be replaced.“We had a lady yesterday – one of the bigger companies had told her she had to have a new system. She said they told her it would cost $15,000,” Wilburn says. “We got over there, and it was about a $200 fix.”Instances such as this demonstrate why homeowners often are reluctant to call for help with their heating and cooling systems and why they may not trust the companies that service them.“We see it all the time,” Wilbourn says. “People have had a bad experience.”Wilburn remembers a customer whose unit was still under warranty. From the beginning, the heat side had been a problem. The company that installed the unit came out many times, exchanging part after part. But the problem wasn’t solved. Even though the unit was still under warranty, the customer lost faith in the company. Then she had the same experience with another company.The problem? An inefficient compressor on a high-efficiency system. By the time Air Care Systems took a look at it, the unit was three or four years old.“We ended up getting all the parts covered under warranty for her,” Wilburn says. “She was really tickled.”In some cases, the heating and cooling system gets a bad name because of the people who work on them. There are some bad companies, and there is a limited number of technicians who know what they’re doing.“It’s hard to find good technicians,” he says. “That could be the case in any field, I guess.”As in these cases, customers often are surprised to learn the repair will not cost as much as they expected. If they had only known, they would have called much sooner instead of suffering, Wilburn says.In the winter, heating companies have fewer calls because those customers who dread calling for repairs will just add more layers to their clothing or use fireplaces or other sources of heat. But the heat and humidity of an Alabama or southern Tennessee summer brings in even the most reluctant callers.“The first day it gets over 80 degrees, most people don’t care what it costs,” Wilburn says.By then, it may be too late to save a unit that has been neglected.That isn’t to say we never recommend replacing a unit. Sometimes, a new unit is the smartest and most economical solution, particularly when the system is nearing the end of the average 10- to 15-year life expectancy.